Rochester, New York

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Fulfillment Services
Fieldtex has been in the distribution business for over 10 years. We can store, fill and ship orders on an assortment of products. We can process and provide shipping labels and tracking information to you and your customer. We have live customer service people right here in Rochester, New York that can answer any questions that you may have, available Monday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm. email us

Kitting & Assembly
Everyday we package and ship up to a thousand orders to customers all over North America. We have the ability to adapt to any customer's needs from the assembly of complex hardware to the warehousing and shipping of apparel. We can organize the shipment of your parts into our warehouse where we will then assemble the pieces and ship out the final product once it is complete.

• We can handle projects of any size, small or large
• Quality control specialists insure that products are assembled correctly before they ship
• We can provide you with all of the necessary reporting you may require, such as inventory levels and monthly volume.
• We work with suppliers to coordinate delivery of parts and warehousing until they need to be assembled.

Benefit Program Management

Are you in the market to find an administrator for your beneft? Fieldtex currently manages OTC (over-the-counter) mail order plans that can be organized to fit your specific goals. Fieldtex can provide a complete turnkey outsourcing program.

• Assistance with determining a final list of products available to your members. We are providing over 400 items to our current program members.

• Same day Shipping or next day for late afternoon or night orders.

• Lowest freight rates available, based on weight, shipping carton and UPS, FedEx and USPS zones.

• We provide full in-house design and catalog layout capabilities, along with printing and mailing services if you so desire.

• We provide your members with three different options to place an order. They can order online on the secure website we will create for you, call our toll free number and let one of our professional customer service representatives take their order or mail in their order form at no cost to them.

• Fieldtex will create a secure website which will contain only products chosen by you for your benefit program. Both members and your customer service staff will have 24-hour access to this secure site. All the information you will need will be there from order history & tracking to allowance balance.

• We provide a toll free number where your members can call to place orders with a professional customer service representative. Our call center is available 24/7 if necessary. All calls are answered in a timely fashion with both English and Spanish speaking options. We also offer a toll free TTY number that will take care of your special members needs.

• Fieldtex can provide you with all of the necessary reporting you may require for your program such as call reporting, utilization reporting, monthly sales with and without freight cost.