Rochester, New York

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Fieldtex Medical

Fieldtex Medical primarily distributes medical and first aid products. For several years we have supplied our products to emergency medical corps., schools, cities, towns, youth team sports leagues and the general safety marketplace.

In March of 2002 Fieldtex Products Inc. launched its web site e-firstaidsupplies.com as a retailer of first aid kits and supplies. Since then Fieldtex has shipped tens of thousands of orders for medical supplies to companies and individuals around the world. Today we stock over 2,500 products and ship out more than 500 packages everyday.

In May of 2003 we acquired a marine first aid company known as FirstAidPak Inc.(Medical Sea Pak). The addition of the Medical Sea Pak line makes Fieldtex the one-stop-shop for first aid kits. We have created many products for the home, industrial, EMS, sports and marine markets and continue to provide quality products to our customers.